HDD Utility Drilling Fluids

Product Breakdown: A Peek Inside the Ammo Cabinet

  • No Dust
  • No Sand Content
  • Extends Pump Life
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Extends Transmitter Life
  • Longer Tooling Life
  • Easy to Mix
  • Higher Concentration = Smaller Footprint
  • Higher Production Rates
right turn supply bore commander HDD Utility Drilling Fluids

Time to Get Snotty...

  • NFS Compliant
  • More Active than Competitive Products
  • Significant Improvement in Carrying Capacity
  • Recommended in 12″ and smaller holes
  • Very safe and used in water well industry
right turn supply sand grenade HDD Utility Drilling Fluids

Boom, Son!

  • Builds a liquid cylinder in the ground
  • Provides lubrication, stabilization, and carrying capacity
  • Will not separate in the tanks
  • Food grade material used in baby oil, toothpaste, eye drops, ice cream, salad dressing
  • Recommended for 12″ and smaller holes
right turn supply clay bomb

Like Ol' Blood and Guts Woulda Done It.

  • Great in reactive clays for clay inhibition
  • Used in dairy products, sauces, syrup, jelly & other food items
right turn supply det con 1 HDD Utility Drilling Fluids

No Sticky Sticky.

  • Reduces the sticking tendency of reactive clays and shale.
  • Keeps clays from sticking to tooling
  • 7X better wetting ability than competitive products
  • Breaking clay down more effectively
  • Helps keep drill pipe clean
  • More than 2X the active ingredients than competitive products
general mixing instructions

Special Forces

Clearing your bore path through miles of sandy battlefields.

Hydrocarbon free based driling fluid

A 1-sack replacement for Hydrocarbon-free drilling conditions

Suspends, carries, and assists in fluid loss

Can be used as a stand-alone product, with other additives, or with bentonite

Sand Grenade XL

When you need to storm the beach.

Ideal for heavy sands or gravel drilling conditions

Excellent viscosifier

Suspends, carries, and assists in fluid loss

Can be used as a stand-alone product, with other additives, or with bentonite

When there is rock, you are ready to roll.

To be used with bentonite

Excellent cutting transport/cutting suspension

Recommended for rock, sand, gravel, and cobble formations

Increases the mud’s ability to transport cuttings without drastically raising viscosity

High speed, low drag for when you need to make hole.

Reduces torque and drag

Coats drill rods/tooling to help prevent bit balling

Environmentally friendly

Compatible with all water-based drilling fluid

When a bomb just isn't enough.

Encapsulates clays and carries out cuttings

Cleans tooling

Adds lubricity

Can handle even the toughest clay conditions

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Cobble Commander

This one of a kind HDD utility drilling fluid has yet to meet a job it can’t handle. Cobble Commander increases the drilling fluid’s ability to carry out cuttings without drastically affecting the viscosity. This is indicated by high-yield point and low plastic viscosity readings. When not circulating, the mud instantly returns to a gelled state and immediately suspends drilled cuttings. At the end of the day, Cobble Commander will allow for more time efficient drilling and the carrying out of more cuttings, proving the efficiency and quality of the formula.

  • Increase rate of penetration
  • Excellent cuttings transport
  • Excellent cuttings suspension
  • Bore hole stabilization through “gel locking” in the formation
  • To be used with bentonite
  • A must for any dual-rod machine
  • Compatible with PAC’s, TROL’s, lubricants, detergents, PHPA, etc.
  • Recommended for rock, sand, gravel, and cobble formations
  • Increases the drilling mud’s ability to carry out cuttings without drastically raising the viscosity

Mixing Instructions
2 – 4 lbs./500 gal. for small gravel, cobble, and rock 4 – 6 lbs./500 gal. for large gravel, cobble and rock