About Us

We like this industry. We like the people. When you’ve got that going for you, the work becomes more about the relationships you make and taking good care of your customer.

We started Right Turn Supply to do just that. We find the best items in the marketplace. We deliver them with honest information and service at the highest level – the whole enchilada.

If you want the longer version of the story, pull up a chair and we’ll tell it.

Jon Heinen

204 SE 9th Street
Pella, IA 50219

Jon:  I am a founding member and partner at Right Turn Supply.  As a former owner of an HDD contracting company, I try to draw upon my own jobsite experiences to help RTS customers increase their productivity.  My days are spent interacting with customers and using their feedback to guide the strategic direction of Right Turn Supply, always looking for new ways to help our customers be more successful and profitable.

Brief Work History:  I’ve had the pleasure of serving the HDD industry for more than 14 years. After gaining hands-on experience in the field, I joined Vermeer Corporation as a key accounts manager, working my way up to a strategic management role within the Vermeer pipeline segment. I decided  to move into an ownership role at Right Turn Supply to be a part of a team of experts dedicated to successful HDD projects.

I strive to share insights with peers through speaking engagements, bylined articles and involvement in professional organizations like Pipeline Contractors Association and many other industry supporting events. I currently serve as the DCA HDD Committee chairman and on the Board of Directors as Associate Member Senior Director.

Family Life:  I reside in Pella, Iowa with my wife and four children, who share an affinity for the HDD industry.  The Heinen kids always look forward to the DCA summer family events, where they reunite with friends from around the industry.

Tim Hutton

P.O. Box 132016
Spring, TX 77393

Tim: I am a founding member of Right Turn Supply. I thrive each and everyday to help customers maximize their productivity and profitability. At Right Turn Supply we pride ourselves on giving customers options on products and services. We strive to give customers what they want at a fair price while giving the best customer service they have ever seen. Right Turn Supply is a unique business. We are the only business in the Pipeline and HDD space that approach business in a “One Stop Shop” model. With the help of my partner Jon, we have successfully helped customers streamline their business to a one call that’s all model. This allows customers to concentrate on what they do best and let Right Turn Supply procure all of their products and services. The result of this is, customers are able to maximize their time and profitability. We are a true Full Service HDD/Pipeline company. 

Brief Work History: My sales experience includes 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry in Louisiana and Texas. 
After Hurricane Katrina, me and my family moved west to Houston with a vision for greater opportunity. I brought my determination and sales expertise to the oil and gas drilling industry as a Drilling Fluids Specialist/Director of HDD at DrillChem. After getting into the Energy business I was introduced to Horizontal Directional Drilling. The big breakthrough came while coaching my daughters’ soccer team. It was there I was approached by a potential customer whose daughter played on the soccer team. We met the following Monday, I was introduced to the HDD industry and my life changed. My love affair with Horizontal Directional Drilling began.  I am a proud member of the DCA, PLCA, and PLCAC.

Family Life: I attended Louisiana State University. I was a student athlete there from 1993-1997. I have a business management degree with a concentration in Training and Development. My wife, Marlene, runs an online clothing boutique( the white cactus). We have two beautiful teenage daughters Emma(16) and Paige(18). Both are athletes, Paige is currently pursuing a dream of playing soccer in college. She is in the Midwest having the time of her life. Emma is still in high school playing volleyball. She is currently being recruited to purse her dream as a collegiate volleyball player. Both are excellent students and most important they are grounded and loving kids.